About us


Welcome to The Elephant of Joy where you will find beautifully simple handmade pieces for your home. We make everything by hand from our studio in Essex. Our laser cut range is cut by another small business from our own hand-drawn designs, before we carefully sand, paint and gild by hand.

We love the feel of things and emphasis is given to creating textural pieces. We find texture from different sources: from using the softest merino in our pompoms, recycled cotton cord in our fibre pieces, and gilding on our laser cut items.

We're incredibly particular with what we create, we have meticulous attention to detail which means all our products are given the utmost care and attention from start to finish. Nothing leaves our studio unless we would proudly display it in our own home.

Our aim is to create simple designs as that's what we like to be surrounded by; things that are aesthetically pleasing while adding some subtle detail, whether that be through the extravagance of gilding or the tactile nature of merino and fibre.

hand drawn teal coloured heart